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5th Zambezi International Regatta

The Regatta takes place after a series of modern-day regattas introduced by Richard Fishlock, an ex British Olympian and Oxford University Rower. It was developed by Peter Jones of The River Club, an established lodge on the banks of the Zambezi, on the Zambian side. Fishlock and Jones remain the event organisers alongside new partner Lee-Anne Singh of Image Promotions Ltd.

Previous regattas took place in 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2010. Attendees of these regattas included: Oxford and Cambridge university alumni, men and women from leading South African universities (Rhodes, Johannesburg and Cape Town). Brown University, USA, have previously attended the 2007 Regatta.

The regatta takes place on Africa’s first ever world championship venue. The regatta course was used in 1910 to host The World Professional Sculling Championships between the World Champion at the time, Richard Arnst from New Zealand, and the British champion, Ernst Barry.


Regatta Programme

Oxford Alumni Vs Cambridge Alumni Vs South African University Alumni Crew

Olympic and world championship rowers went head to head to win the 5th Zambezi International Regatta

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